Production of fittings and accessories for the building and plumbing industry

Since 1980 we have been producing a wide range of fittings and accessories
in PVC and PP for construction and plumbing. 

PVC Fittings

We have a wide range of rigid PVC fittings for water drainage pipes.


We have a wide range of siphons: monolithic, horizontal florentine type, vertical type and welded siphons.

Special Pieces

Our PVC products with different characteristics from the classic figures on the market.

Anti-flooding valves

It creates an effective barrier to any backflow.

Collection and channelling

Complete series of items for water collection and channelling.

Fittings for round and square downpipes

These connections allow rainwater to flow into the drainage system.

Passage fittings

PVC-PP transition fittings.

Polypropylene Fittings

PP Fittings, PVC-PP Transition Fittings, PP WC Bends, PP Siphons.

Bonding and connecting products

Products for the assembly of pipes and fittings.

Featured products

A collection of our newly introduced products on the market.